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Toy Review| Playing with Magformers’ My First 30 Set | Magnetic Squares | Yeti and Cat


In this short video, I test out Magformers’ My First 30 Set of magnetic square toys:

Overall verdict: 3.5 out of 5 (highly recommended!)

Entertainment value: 2 out 5 (for kids below two) and 4 out of 5 (for kids two years and above)

Note: My reviews are mainly about how entertaining my two-year old toddler finds the toy. 


  • Brightly-coloured with no sharp edges (always a plus!)
  • Fun for kids who have begun to play more independently with toys like dolls and houses
  • Really sparks the imagination
  • Great for spending time with your child
  • Especially fun when mixed with additional toys like little animals or dolls (you can make houses, etc.)
  • Versatility
  • Magnets are strong and it makes snapping and building structures easy (once your child gets the hang of it)
  • Unexpected pro: Satisfies her urge to smash things and create a loud noise without actually smashing anything (the structure falls apart, but nothing gets damaged)



  • Can be a bit tricky when it comes to making even basic structures (at first)
  • Idea/Guide cards do not have instructions on how to build the structures they display
  • If your child is below two or three, he/she will get frustrated quickly unless you are there to assist

12 x Triangles; 18x Square

Now let’s get to the more detailed review.


  • 12 x triangle pieces
  • 18 x square pieces
  • 8 guide cards (I think. We lost a few on the trip to Korea)


This was another present we got when the Littlest Dictator was about to turn two. It was fascinating to see her interest in it grow quickly as the months went by, and eventually she began requesting that we make helmets and houses and stars for her.

Without our help though, she either quickly loses interest or gets frustrated. As it says on the box, it’s mainly for kids aged three and above.

One really unexpected awesome thing about these squares is that they can easily satisfy her must-smash-and-create-noise! urge, without actually causing any damage to the squares or herself. Your earbuds though, are another story!

It’s great with other little toys like tiny horses or small soft toys. She loves making little houses or balls to store them in.


Overall, it really is an excellent toy to introduce to your child and will definitely spark their imaginations while teaching them about magnets and improving their motor skills.












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