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LeapFrog’s My Discovery House | Toy Reivew| Yeti and Cat

Snapshot 1 (10-3-2017 4-09 PM)

In this short video, I test out LeapFrog’s My Discovery House:

Overall verdict: 3.5 out of 5 (highly recommended!)

Entertainment value: 2.5 out 5 (for kids below two) and 4 out of 5 (for kids between 2-3 years old)

Note: My reviews are mainly about how entertaining my two-year old toddler finds the toy. 


  • Many buttons and levers with even more sounds and various combinations
  • Fun for kids who are starting to get past the ‘grab-and-bite only’ stage
  • Great way to introduce your child to the concepts of ‘night’ and ‘day’, ‘long and short’, ‘on’ and ‘off’, ‘open’ and ‘close’
  • Grows with your child if you introduced at around 5-8 months by having them discover new sounds and buttons, etc.
  • Brightly-coloured and the voices and sounds can be heard clearly, unlike other similar toys with inferior speakers
  • Comes with AA batteries, which are easy to change


  • Lack of additional accessories
  • Unable to add additional sounds and songs
  • Relatively durable, but we dropped our first one a few times and it stopped working properly

Now let’s get to the more detailed review.

Another great present we’d received, back when she was maybe a year old. And it’s the only toy we’ve bought a replacement for after was damaged and stopped working (the Littlest Dictator was in her ‘throw things around’ phase). We usually just get another toy.

She really grew with this little house. Over the months she began discovering the new buttons and sounds and levers. The cool thing about the house is that it has so many different combinations. There’s a little lever at the bottom that allows you to toggle between learning about ‘opposites’ or ‘night’ and ‘day’. Flip the switch and many of the buttons produce different sounds. Absolutely fascinating to watch!

This toy in my opinion would be almost perfect if it had the options for customizable songs, and for additional accessories. I made do with a separate police station and added more toys to make sort of a little town. But it’s just nitpicking really.

For the price, it is definitely value for money and will likely go a very long way in entertaining your little one.



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